22 de novembro de 2013

Crass - Christ The Album (1982)

01.Have a Nice Day
02.Mother Love
03.Nineteen Eighty Bore
04.I know there is Love
05.Beg Your Pardon
06.Birth Control 'n Rock 'n Roll
07.Reality Whitewash
08.It's the Greatest Working Class Ripoff
10.You Can be Who?
11.Buy Now Pay as You Go
12.Rival Tribal Revel Rebel (pt 2)
14.Sentiment (White Feathers)
15.Major General Despair
16.Banned from the Roxy + The Sound Of One Hand
17.Punk is Dead
18.Nagasaki Nightmare
19.Darling + Bata Motel
20.Berkertex Bribe + Fold It In Half
21.Big Hands + Heart-throb Of The Mortuary (demo)
23.Big A Little A
24.First Woman
25.Arlington 73
26.Bomb plus Bomb Tape
27.Contaminational Power
28.I Ain't Thick
29.G's Song
31.I Can't Stand It (demo)
32.Shaved Women + A Part Of Life
33.Do they owe us a Living?
34.So What + Salt 'n Pepper

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