6 de novembro de 2013

Anti-Heros - That's Right! & Don't Tread On Me (1985)

01.The Anti-Heroes Are Here
02.Disco Riot
03.You Can't Kill The Blues With A Gun
04.The Other Side
05.The Young Loner
06.The Herbert Moonstomp
07.Some Fun
08.He's A Skin
09.I'm Hungry
11.The Bomb
12.Porch Money
13.What's A Skin
14.Smash A Window
15.National Debt
16.Escape To The City
17.Criminal Mischief
18.Catch 22
19.In The Cards
21.All Hail Santa
22.Hate Edge
23.Jail House Rock
24.Six-Pack Daze
25.Dead Inside
26.Alcoholics Anonymous
27.Dark Streets
28.Gone With The Wind

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