29 de novembro de 2013

The Oppressed - Antifa Hooligans (2011)

01.Antifa Hooligan (Los Fastidios)
02.Monkey Man (The Maytals)
03.Brother Louie (Hot Chocolate)
04.The AFA Song
05.I Don’t Wanna
07.United We Stand
08.Skinhead Times
09.Sleeping With The Enemy
10.Fuck Fascism
11.Nazi Skinhead
12.B-N-P (You’re Full Of Shit)
13.Nazi Nightmare
14.Substitute (AFA)
15.Work Together

Black Flag - What The... (2013)

01.My Heart's Pumping
02.Down In The Dirt
03.Blood and Ashes
04.Now Is The Time
05.Wallow In Despair
06.Slow Your Ass Down
07.It's So Absurd
08.Shut Up
09.This Is Hell
10.Go Away
11.The Bitter End
12.The Chase
13.I'm Sick
14.It's Not My Time To Go-Go
16.Get Out Of My Way
18.No Teeth
19.To Hell and Back
20.Give Me All Your Dough
21.You Gotta Be Joking
22.Off My Shoulders

26 de novembro de 2013

Newtown Neurotics - Punk Singles Collection

01. Hypocrite
02. You Said No
03. When the Oil Runs Out
04. On No!
05. Kick Out the Tories
06. Mindless Violence
07. Licensing Hours
08. No Sanctuary
09. Blitzrieg Bop
10. Hypocrite
11. I Remember You
12. Suzi Is a Heartbreaker
13. Fools
14. Living With Unemployment
15. Airstrip One
16. My Death
17. Never Thought
18. Screaming
19. Stand by Me
20. The Mind of Valerie
21. Sects
22. My Death

22 de novembro de 2013

Peter and the Test Tube Babies - Loud Blaring Punk Rock (1984)

01 - Oral Annie
02 - We're Too Drunk
03 - Pick Yer Nose (And Eat It)
04 - Vicars
05 - Snakebite
06 - I Lust For The Disgusting Things In Life
07 - Tupperware Party
08 - Breast Cancer
09 - T.Q.G.G.B.J's
10 - Student Wankers
11 - Big Mouth
12 - Child Molester
13 - Porno Queen
14 - Being Sick
15 - Excuses
16 - Beat Up The Mods
17 - Get 'em In (And Get 'em Off)
18 - Rock 'N' Roll Is Shit

Crass - Christ The Album (1982)

01.Have a Nice Day
02.Mother Love
03.Nineteen Eighty Bore
04.I know there is Love
05.Beg Your Pardon
06.Birth Control 'n Rock 'n Roll
07.Reality Whitewash
08.It's the Greatest Working Class Ripoff
10.You Can be Who?
11.Buy Now Pay as You Go
12.Rival Tribal Revel Rebel (pt 2)
14.Sentiment (White Feathers)
15.Major General Despair
16.Banned from the Roxy + The Sound Of One Hand
17.Punk is Dead
18.Nagasaki Nightmare
19.Darling + Bata Motel
20.Berkertex Bribe + Fold It In Half
21.Big Hands + Heart-throb Of The Mortuary (demo)
23.Big A Little A
24.First Woman
25.Arlington 73
26.Bomb plus Bomb Tape
27.Contaminational Power
28.I Ain't Thick
29.G's Song
31.I Can't Stand It (demo)
32.Shaved Women + A Part Of Life
33.Do they owe us a Living?
34.So What + Salt 'n Pepper

ACAB - Orang Timur (2002)

01.Orang Timur
02.Hati Syaitan
03.Mata Sepet
05.Bunga Padang Pasir
07.Bersama Semula
08.Syurga Di Hujung Jarum
09.Titik-Titik Noda
10.Anak Liar


13 de novembro de 2013

Hi-Standard - Angry Fist (1997)

01. Start Today
02. Endless Trip
03. Fighting Fists, Angry Soul
04. Shy Boy
05. My Heart Feels So Free
06. Stop the Time
07. Have You Ever Seen the Rain
08. My Sweet Dog
09. Spread Your Sail
10. Pathetic Man's Song
11. Gotta Pull Myself Together
12. Close to Me
13. Sunshine Baby
14. The Sound of Secret Minds

6 de novembro de 2013

Anti-Heros - That's Right! & Don't Tread On Me (1985)

01.The Anti-Heroes Are Here
02.Disco Riot
03.You Can't Kill The Blues With A Gun
04.The Other Side
05.The Young Loner
06.The Herbert Moonstomp
07.Some Fun
08.He's A Skin
09.I'm Hungry
11.The Bomb
12.Porch Money
13.What's A Skin
14.Smash A Window
15.National Debt
16.Escape To The City
17.Criminal Mischief
18.Catch 22
19.In The Cards
21.All Hail Santa
22.Hate Edge
23.Jail House Rock
24.Six-Pack Daze
25.Dead Inside
26.Alcoholics Anonymous
27.Dark Streets
28.Gone With The Wind

Gerbenok - Auf Gedeih & Verderb! (2009)

01.Auf Gedeih & Verderb
03.Zieh Die Stiefel Wieder An
05.Ein Skinhead Ist Frei
07.Es Ist Nicht Alles Gold Was Hlaenzt
08.Vieleicht Ist Es Besser So
09.Setzen! Saufen!
10.Euer Glaube Ist Nichts Wert
12.Das Statement


1 de novembro de 2013

Jenny Woo - My Revenge (2013)

01. My Revenge
02. I Refuse To Be A Victim
03. Get Out If My Way
04. We Are The Brave
05.Thank You
06.Should I Stay Or Should I Go (The Clash Cover)
07.Fire Inside
08.Voice Of Oi!
09.Apart From The Crowd
10.One More Step
11.Style Over Substance
12.Light At The End Of The Tunnel
13.True Heroes
14.Fly Away