23 de agosto de 2013

Infa Riot - Still Out Of Order(1982)

02.You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
03.Five Minute Fashion
04.Each Dawn I Die
05.The Drug Squad
06.Still Out Of Order
07.Catch 22
10.The Winner
11.Friday Oh Friday
12.Catalogue Kids
13.In For A Riot
14.School's Out
15.Feel The Rage
16.Five Minute Fashions (Demo Version)
17.Riot Riot (Demo Version)


20 de agosto de 2013

Asta Kask - Handen Pa Hjärtat (2013)

01.Världens Räddaste Land
02.Lat Dom Inte Komma In
03.Sista Brevet
04.En Bättre Man
05.Folkets Arme
06.Vredens Barrikad
07.Död At Er Alla
09.En Annan Väg
10.Jag Är En Idiot
11.Tack För Allt

14 de agosto de 2013

The Outcasts - Self Conscious Over You (1979)

01.Self Conscious Over You
02.Clinical Love
03.One Day
04.Love Is For Sops
05.You're A Disease
06.Love You For Never
07.The Princess Grew Up A Frog
09.School Teacher
10.Spiteful Sue
11.The Cops Are Coming
13.Don't Wanna Be No Adult
14.You're A Disease (Single Version)
15.Just Another Teenage Rebel (Single Version)
16.Love Is For Sops (Single Version)
17.The Cops Are Coming (Single Version)


4 de agosto de 2013

Cock Sparrer - Shock Troops (1982)

01.Where Are They Now
02.Riot Squad
04.Take 'em All
05.We're Coming Back
06.England Belongs to Me
07.Watch Your Back
08.I Got Your Number
09.Secret Army
10.Droogs Don't Run
11.Out on an Island
12.Argy Bargy
13."Colonel Bogey"
14.I Need A Witness
15.Platinum Blonde
16.What Its Like To Be Old
17.Teenage Heart
18.Run For Cover


1 de agosto de 2013

The Agitators - Among Friends (2009)

01. Eddie Would Go
02. 4 Minutes
03. Life's Too Short
04. Now She's Gone
05. Point of View
06. Red and White
07. What I Got in Mind
08. Cyber Warrior
09. Markus Agitator
10. You're Going Down
11. Friends (Are There for You)
12. No to the Merger